Can I use them like normal plates? 

The short answer is no. I make decorative display plates which are designed to be hung on a wall or sat on a shelf.
Having said that, the pens and paints I use (Pebeo and Marabu porcelain painter sets) boast that they are safe to wash after baking (I do bake my plates to set them) so it’s at your discretion. My advice would be generally no, but serving some cheese and crackers to your nan on christmas day off a plate with a naked painting of yourself on it is an opportunity too good to be missed. Just give it a gentle wipe with a sponge and some water afterwards.

How much do the drawings vary between non- commission plates?

Not very much. I do like to change up some hairstyles now and again though. Here are some examples - 




Are there different size options?

Not right now. All my plates are 10” porcelain plates with a 2” rim and very slight dip in the middle. However if you have a great big serving plate or a tiny teacup in mind for decoration please get in contact with me at elizahopewellplates@gmail.com to discuss. Individual pricing will apply!

Do you do preliminary sketches for commissions so I can see what my plate will look like?

Sorry, but no! I draw straight onto my plates and even if I do a small sketch to work out composition it usually looks nothing like the final product. You’re just gonna have to trust me!

Do you do discounts?

I do not do discounts for buying from this website, but follow my instagram account to keep up with deals and excess plates going for cheap!